5 Traditional Board Games for Game Night 5 Traditional Board Games for Game Night

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and fun as spending a cold or rainy evening playing board games with the kids. If it’s been awhile since you had games in the house, here are our favorite 5 traditional board games.

1. Parcheesi. The modern version of Parcheesi is a twist on an Indian favorite. You use dice rolls to move around the board until you’re in your home space. It’s best played with 4 players. Kids aged about 5 and up can understand the rules and strategy.

2. Yahtzee. An easy to learn game for kids 8 and up, Yahtzee is a classic for a reason. The game is a combination of luck and strategy so each game is new and fun. It’s also good for helping children recognize patterns.

3. Scrabble. This word game is great for children 8 and older. Try pairing up a grandparent with a child to be a team to help children learn the strategy and how to play.

4. Clue. Have a junior detective in the family? If so, Clue is the game for your next game night. Perfect for children 10 and up, Clue helps kids develop their observation skills.

5. Chinese Checkers. The game actually has a German origin, believe it or not. The rules are simple: move your marbles around the board until you get them all home. Two to six people can play and you can also play with partners.


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