Toddler Toys to Purchase for Your Home Toddler Toys to Purchase for Your Home

If you often have your grandchildren come to visit, and they are between the ages of 12 months and 3 years old, there are a few toys that might come in handy! It is always fun to watch your grandchildren have fun in your own home. What are a few things to have on hand that will hold their interest, as well as making it easy on your grandchildren’s parents to spend time in your home? Here a just a few of the many fun toys available:

  1. A play kitchen with food. High quality plastic – or wood – play kitchens are a great toy to have on hand, and they come in a variety of sizes and color combinations to fit almost any space. They can become a center of activity for toddlers, and children of a variety of ages enjoy playing with them. Make sure to have age appropriate food and utensils (ones that your grandchildren won’t be able to swallow) in order to keep their attention.
  2. A box or basket of board books. Toddlers love to flip through and read board books (books with cardboard pages). They also love it when their parents and grandparents read to them! It is a great way to bond with your grandchildren, build into their literacy development, and take advantage of cuddly, quiet moments! Select books with a rhyming scheme and/or books with photography.
  3. Large block sets. Select interlocking block sets for your grandchildren to enjoy the process of building and using their imagination. Block sets are a wonderful addition to any toy collection, and they are timeless!
  4. A collection of bath toys. At times, your grandchildren may need to take a bath at your home. In this case, it is a great idea to have some bath toys on hand, such as foam letter sets or rubber ducky sets.
  5. Sets of animals (i.e. a Noah’s Ark Set). The Fischer Price Little People Noah’s Ark set is very popular with toddler-aged children. With this particular set, toddlers can play with the small animals and put them in and out of a boat. It is a fun way to practice animal sounds and learn the names of the animals as well.

As with any toys, make sure they are safe for all the children who will be in your home. And when in doubt, stock up on lots of books for your grandchildren! Remember, too, that you don’t need to have lots and lots of toys – just a few quality toys that will hold your grandchildren’s interest.