The 3 Best Things About Being Retired The 3 Best Things About Being Retired

Most of us spend 30 plus years in the working world. Regardless of whether you enjoy your job or it’s simply a means to an end, retiring from work means huge changes to your daily life. We asked our Facebook followers what the best part of being retired was and time, flexibility and better relationships were mentioned by several respondents.

Whether you’re starting to adjust to that major change or have been retired for years, consider these benefits to not having to be at work from 9 to 5 every day.

1. Time. If you approach it in the right way–as an abundance of available time for all the fun and rewarding activities you didn’t have time for before–an empty schedule opens up a variety of possibilities. Learning a new language, spending time with your grandkids, time to putter in your garden, that stack of classics to be read–your days are now open for you to fill with activities you have been wanting to do. Try to see that time as filled with possibility rather than dreaded empty space. Take advantage and do some of the exciting, fun activities you didn’t have time for when work was such a huge part of your day.

It may help to plan your days, at least at the beginning of your retirement. Recent retirees say that their day gets away from them without a schedule and one day after another without anything accomplished can lead to feeling anything from mild discomfort to depression.

But do leave time in your schedule for spur of the moment activities and simply lying around the yard. Both are benefits of all that free time so enjoy!

2. Flexibility. Having the flexibility to enjoy a movie in the middle of the day or leave town for a last minute trip is right near the top of the list of retirement benefits. Enjoy that long lunch with a friend or the short line at the grocery store in the middle of the day or late in the evening–being retired means the rules are over and you get to change your mind on a whim!

3. Better Relationships. Retirement means you can focus on what’s important to you, like your relationships. This is the time to renew friendships, make new friends and heal any family rifts. More time for travel, communication, and romance can mean a revival in your marriage or partnership.