Planning a Movie Night with Your Grandchildren Planning a Movie Night with Your Grandchildren

Do you love creating memories with your grandchildren? Do you want to start a fun tradition that revolves around a shared experience? If so, planning a movie night for your grandchildren can be a great way to accomplish those things! Depending upon the ages of your grandchildren, a movie night can bring all of them together (if you have grandchildren that represent more than one family), and create an event that will get all of them excited to spend time at your home. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Pick a Great Movie. Picking the movie should be one of the central decision you make when you put together a movie night for your grandchildren. Again, depending upon the ages of your grandchildren and their interests, it can be difficult to select a movie that none of them have seen before. However, this should be one of your primary goals. A great idea is to select an older movie that they likely haven’t yet heard about –think outside the box. Options might include: The Parent Trap (original with Haylie Mills), Little Women, The Sound of Music, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Sandlot – the list could go on and on. Pick something you enjoy, and something they haven’t seen or necessarily heard about.
  2. Pick Some Fun Food. It might be fun to pick out some food that matches the theme of the movie you select, or you might choose to pick out some food that can become a tradition (i.e. pizza and movie night). Either way, make sure to select some fun food that can be enjoyed together. Other great options include ice cream sundaes, popcorn with fun toppings, or fruit salad that your grandchildren help put together.
  3. Get Approval. Before discussing movie night with your grandchildren or mentioning the movie selection, get approval from your children or in-laws. They will likely be able to guide you to age appropriate movies – both in content, length, and theme. This will make your movie night much more successful!
  4. Consider Making Your Movie Night a Sleepover. Having a sleepover with your grandchildren is a great way to make strong, happy memories with them – and a fantastic way to bless your grandchildren’s parents. Consider creating a weekend event that involves breakfast, too!

Enjoy planning a fun movie night with your grandchildren, and if all goes well, make it a tradition!