Coloring Isn’t Just For Your Grandkids! Coloring Isn’t Just For Your Grandkids!

Admit it, you’ve enjoyed coloring with your grandkids and secretly wished you had a coloring book of your own. In the last year or so, coloring books have become adult staples and there are now more choices than ever.

Coloring helps you focus and who doesn’t need that in our multitasking world? It also helps you deal with stress by slowing down your mind and breathing. It can be a form of meditation.

According to Medical Daily,  “Like meditation, coloring allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment.” Coloring is relaxing because while you’re creating a beautiful result, there is no stress involved in the creativity. You grab a marker or colored pencil and fill in the lines–the decision is limited to which color to choose. Within a few minutes of sitting down with your book and pens, your mind is quieter and you’re breathing easier.

All you need to get started is something to color and something to color with. A package of fine tip markers and a few coloring sheets printed from the internet can give you the opportunity to see if you enjoy coloring. If you do find it relaxing, up your game with some supplies that make it even more fun. Dual brush pen markers with a fine tipped marker on one side and a brush on the other are my favorites. Tombow’s are excellent water based markets that allow you to create shading, mix colors, and create special effects. They don’t bleed through the pages of your book so you aren’t losing the drawing on the reverse side to color seeping through.

If colored pencils are more your thing, you can find a nice set at any crafts store for $20 or so. Be sure to get a good pencil sharpener–you’ll need a fine point for the little details.

You’ll find plenty of coloring books to choose from at your local bookstore. I’ve also seen them at Costco and Sam’s. Johanna Basford is the illustrator of the most popular adult coloring book available: The Secret Garden. The beautifully illustrated pages are on heavier stock. Basford also has a larger book with 20 of the illustrations printed one side of the page only and suitable for framing.

Adult coloring is a hobby you can enjoy without spending a lot of money but the benefits are huge. Destress and relax while creating a beautiful work of art!