Camping With Your Grandchildren Camping With Your Grandchildren

Are you ready for a serious adventure with your grandchildren? Camping may be the way to go. Whether you plan to spend a few nights at a campground in an RV or in a tent, camping requires considerable planning, particularly when camping with children. What are a few ways to make your camping trip with your grandchildren successful? Here are just a few tips:

  1. Pack anything and everything you might need. Create a detailed list of what you need to bring while camping – including gear, food, and household products. Check this list twice, and make sure to pack more than what you think you need.
  2. Ask your children to create a detailed schedule and packing list for you. Obviously, your children will pack for THEIR children (your grandkids). It is helpful, though, to have a list of what is actually in their backpacks and suitcase. Cross reference these lists with your own to make sure you don’t forget essentials, such as baby wipes, garbage bags, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, etc.
  3. Plan to get less sleep than you ordinarily would. In a new environment, children often struggle to get a full night of sleep. Plan to be up in the middle of the night, and plan to wake up earlier than you might ordinarily. Adjusting your expectations in this area will alleviate frustrations.
  4. Book a campsite close to the bathrooms, particularly if you are planning to camp in a tent. Children need to use the bathroom a lot, so camping in a location close to the bathrooms will make your time a lot less stressful.
  5. Plan a few activities. Research a campground that has several activities from which to choose. If your grandchildren enjoy swimming, try to find a campground on a lake or near the beach, or one that has a pool. Find a campground at a state park with an historic site, boat rentals, or hiking trails.
  6. Plan to camp for one or two nights at first. Try out a short trip before you take on anything longer than two nights. If things don’t go as planned, you can always cut a longer trip short, but it is best to try camping with your grandchildren for a shorter period of time first. A weekend getaway is a great first step!
  7. Take a lot of pictures. Make sure your camera battery or smart phone battery is charged, and snap lots of pictures with your grandkids. You are sure to create some long lasting memories together – ones that you will want to relive for years to come!

Your grandchildren will adore camping with their grandparents! Planning and taking a trip together is a wonderful way to bong and spend time together.