5 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids 5 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

While their parents are busy getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table, why not entertain the grandkids with one or more of our cute Thanksgiving-themed craft ideas? The supplies are inexpensive and the crafts are easy for even little ones to complete. Plus, you can use your finished creations to decorate the table!

1. Fall Leaf Painting. Gather a pile of leaves, some washable craft paint (the example was made with finger paint), large sheets of sturdy white paper, and a few large paintbrushes. All the children need to do is set the leaves on the paper and then paint around with Autumn colors like orange, red, and yellow. Lift up the leaves and you have a pretty fall piece of art that makes a great place mat.

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2. Leaf Rubbings. This craft is a cleaner version of the leaf painting using crayons or oil pastels, a handful of leaves (pick ones with good veins!), waxed paper and white paper. Layering the papers and the leaf on a clipboard will keep it all together while the children do their rubbing. If you want to get a science lesson in, you can discuss why leaves turn colors as the kids work.

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leaf rubbings

3. Woven Placemat. You can pick up sheets of foam inexpensively at any crafts store and they make the perfect base for a woven placemat. Grandma or grandpa can cut the slits into the foam ahead of time as well as the strips for weaving. Then the kids can just choose their favorite colors and weave away. Put a dab of glue at the end of each strip to keep it in place and add a few stick on Thanksgiving themed decorations and you’re done.

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woven placemat

4. Be Thankful Utensil Holder. This craft requires more work by grandma and grandpa ahead of time but the payoff is big. You will print out the template on heavy stock paper and stitch the sides together (or glue). Give each child one to color with bright markers. The finished product will look adorable on the Thanksgiving table. As an alternative, use foam sheets that you cut and glue together and write the words “Be Thankful” in block letters on the front and have the children color.

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be thankful

5. Handprint Turkey Hat. All you need for this cute craft is construction paper, glue, tape, a black marker and a stapler. Assemble all the pieces and your grandchildren will have a goofy hat perfect for Thanksgiving photos.

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handprint turkey hat